FEATURED ARTICLE: The Time Between by Karen White

Compelling and musical, New York Times Bestselling author Karen White does what she does brilliantly best and brings you a new tale of deep emotion and dark secrets.  In THE TIME BETWEEN, Eleanor Murray, a woman who has spent her adult life in a prison of guilt, escapes her paralyzing family and goes to care for an elderly woman named Helena on Endisto Island.  Helena and her recently deceased sister immigrated from Hungary just after World War II.

On the island, Eleanor grows close to Helena and becomes drawn into the heroic and tragic story of Helena and her sister’s wartime escape.  The past begins to shape the future when the revealed secrets strike at the heart of Eleanor’s own hidden darkness.  As both the past and the present events unfold, Eleanor gains a new lease on her life through forgiveness and the music of her heart.  Now free of dysfunctional chains, she claims the love and happiness that has always escaped her and embraces the past, present and future a woman made whole.

[pullquote_right]THE TIME BETWEEN is a rich and affirming journey that you will treasure…[/pullquote_right]THE TIME BETWEEN is a rich and affirming journey that you will treasure, so take time to get between the pages of this poignant story and enrich your summer.

[quote]“One of the best new writers on the scene today.”—The Huffington Post[/quote]

[quote]“[Karen White] gives you everything you could want.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Kerrelyn Sparks[/quote]

[quote]“Readers will find White’s prose an uplifting experience as she is a truly gifted storyteller.”—Las Vegas Review-Journal[/quote]

[quote]“White…weaves together themes of Southern culture, the powerful bond of family, and the courage to rebuild in the face of destruction to create an incredibly moving story her dedicated fans are sure to embrace.”—Moultrie News (SC)[/quote]

[quote]“A story as rich as a coastal summer…a great love story.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Deborah Smith.[/quote]

Go check out all of Karen’s heart-deep stories at and read an intriguing excerpt from THE TIME BETWEEN on Karen’s website.


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