Category: Inspirational/Spiritual

GUEST BLOG: Five Lies Mamas Tell Themselves About Why They Can’t Write Their Book by Andrea R. Frazer

As someone who has spent my life writing for everything from television, big blogs (Good Housekeeping/BabyCenter), huge corporations, magazines and newspapers, I knew at a very early age that writing was my...

GUEST BLOG: Expect a Miracle by Jenny Long

EXPECT A MIRACLE: A Mother's Tale of Brotherly Love, Faith & the Race That Changed a Family’s Life. Jenny Long with Bob Der (Foreword by LeBron James; Time Inc./Liberty Street; October 13; Hardcover). In  EXPECT...

Off the Books: Sanctuary of Style

A few years ago, I met one of the most remarkable women I've ever known in my life, the wonderful Ms. Tiffany Hendra. While Tiff isn't an author, yet, she is a Wife,...

INTERVIEW: Winning Truths From Wendy Schenck Benson

In the book THE BOSS OF MYSELF, Wendy Schenck Benson, the founder and president of the successful Koala Tees., shares some of the truths and techniques that have blessed her life. This...

INTERVIEW: Mind Over Matter? Wade Rich Proves It’s Possible

What do Hitler and Disney have in common?  Wade Rich, author of FEAR VS. FAITH lives quietly in his corner of the world.  He works as Vice President of Operations for a...


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