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Earl of Brecken

BOOK BLAST: EARL OF BRACKEN by Aubrey Wynne Plus Giveaway!

Wicked Earl's Club: Book 5 Publication Date: March 9, 2021 A seductive Welsh earl on the brink of ruin. A wealthy cit in search of a hero. Miss Evelina Franklin reads too many romance novels. She’s certain a handsome duke—or dashing highwayman—is...
Double or Muffin - Victoria Hamilton

GUEST BLOG: Merry Wynter, Fashionista – or – Clothes Make the Woman by Victoria...

I’ve always loved clothes, but as a little larger woman, I’ve had a love-not-so-love relationship with my body. It’s a struggle many women can relate to. When I envisioned the Merry Muffin Mystery series I created in Merry Wynter,...

GUEST BLOG: The Trials and Advantages of Systematic Writing By:  F.M. Deemyad Plus Giveaway!

Perseverance, we are told in not exactly such words, is the key to success. The idea is drilled into our subconscious as we sit hours at a time, five days a week, in classrooms from elementary school all the...

GUEST BLOG: Writing Mystery – Where Have You Been All My Life? by S.C....

In early 2019, I was bored. Now, don’t get me wrong. I had a wonderful life and was immensely blessed. So why did I feel so dissatisfied? I chided myself for feeling that way and was ashamed to even...

GUEST BLOG: Pop Culture Prophets by Jon Land Plus Giveaway!

My first in entry in Margaret Truman’s enduring Capital Crimes series, MURDER ON THE METRO, is a political thriller. Not just any political thriller, mind you, but one that features an insurrectionist plot to end democracy in the United...

GUEST BLOG: Three Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me By Terry Korth...

When I started writing, it was with abandon and for the sheer joy of putting a story on paper. Later, I employed some grammar rules, acquired writing skills, and learned how to meet a reader’s expectations. Writing makes you...

GUEST BLOG: Why Dystopian Books Are Popular With the Youth by Branwen Oshea Plus...

Both teens and adults enjoy reading to escape reality and have fun. Dystopian worlds are different enough from contemporary life to be a great distraction and usually end with hope. They also tend to be about a small, unlikely...

GUEST BLOG: Make-do and Mend by Kate Parker Plus Giveaway!

Make-do and Mend became the slogan of nearly every country after World War II began. Restrictions on fabric, leather, and metal, needed for the war effort, influenced clothing design and availability. Where nylon and silk were available for Livvy’s wedding...

GUEST BLOG: Troubles With Recorded Death in the 11th-Century by Patricia Bracewell Plus Giveaway!

When I first began writing a trilogy about the 11th-century queen of England, Emma of Normandy, I didn’t think about the fact that, because most of my characters would be people who actually lived, some of them would have to...
Under the Emerald Sky

BOOK BLAST: UNDER THE EMERALD SKY by Juliane Weber Plus Giveaway!

Publication Date: October 23, 2020 It's 1843 and the English nobleman Quinton Williams has come to Ireland to oversee the running of his father’s ailing estate and escape his painful past. Here he meets the alluring Alannah O’Neill, whose Irish...

GUEST BLOG: Amy Pershing on Food as Memory Plus Giveaway!

The nineteenth-century French journalist and epicure Charles Pierre Monselet once famously wrote: “The pleasant hours of our life are all connected by a more or less tangible link with some memory of the table.” I agree with that sentiment...

GUEST BLOG: The Strange Truth About Early American Funerals and Death Rituals by Greg...

In my current “Death Shall Have No Dominion” book series, I tell fictional stories from the civil war era that have characters with very strange and morbid professions within the death industry. It started when I saw a short film...


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