The Efficiency Journal explores the concepts of goal planning and provides a user-friendly method for readers to set those goals, track them, and remain accountable.


About The Book

Publication Date: February 28, 2023

This journal, created by renowned coach and psychotherapist Misha Saidov, will help you become the hero of your own life. It was created to assist you in setting important goals, reaching them, and winning. It will support you along the way, especially when you find yourself lost or confused. The Efficiency Journal will help you stay on track.

You don’t need to schedule your day by the minute. If you want to succeed, you only need to complete three key daily tasks, set goals that fit into 12-week sprints, and honestly reflect on your results once a week.

You will learn to manage your energy and analyze your actions, achievements, and experiences.

The result will be a formed character, created by daily volitional actions.

What’s inside?

– Weekly and daily planning sheets
– Space for summarizing weekly results and for reflection
– Wise thoughts and tips along the way

Any goal reduced to daily tasks will be achieved, no matter what.


For those who want to succeed in business, improve themselves, move forward, maintain their motivation and eliminate distractions.

Many of us have meaningful ideas that could change the world. Without embodiment, they will remain just a dream. A dream about the future.



The Review

If you are a self-help junkie like me, any book that hints at organization and time saving is worth the investment. With The Efficiency Journal, readers are drawn in with the premise of learning how to plan our days, reflect on our progress, and get inspired to achieve more.

Author Misha Saidov uses the interactive workbook format to “guide people to become the heroes of their own life stories.” While that may sound rather lofty, the logic is solid. The journal’s premise is built on the idea that any goal, reduced to one daily task, will be achieved.

The journal is organized around four basic principles: planning, introspection, gratitude, and reward. Rather than planning for an entire year, the author emphasizes planning daily, weekly, and for a 12-week period. Utilizing stories to help emphasize the principles allows readers to gain a better understanding of how the process is designed to work.

The worksheets themselves are very straightforward, with a prompt at the top of the page to differentiate between monthly, weekly, and daily planning. The inclusion of checkboxes provides an opportunity for a visual confirmation regarding completion. Additionally, there is space on the daily plan pages for gratitude and celebrating a win.

The Efficiency Journal explores the concepts of goal planning and provides a user-friendly method for readers to set those goals, track them, and remain accountable.

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About The Author

Misha Saidov, a life performance coach and author, is the founder of IMCP (Institute of Metacognitive Programming) and Think Meta, a coaching company that conducts 4000+ client sessions per month.


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The Efficiency Journal explores the concepts of goal planning and provides a user-friendly method for readers to set those goals, track them, and remain accountable.5-STAR REVIEW: THE EFFICIENCY JOURNAL by Misha Saidov