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GUEST BLOG: THE CLAIRES: A Curse or a Blessing? by C.L. Gaber

To see or not see? To hear or not to hear? To feel or not to feel. That is the question in my new book, The Claires. A spin-off of the Ascenders book series, it revolves around...

GUEST BLOG: How I Handled Research for the Book by Sverrir Sigurdsson

A memoirist is supposed to depend mostly on his memory.  For me, though, I wanted my memoir to reflect not just my life but also the heart and soul of my country. ...

INTERVIEW: 10 Questions with…Renee Bernard

RENEE BERNARD is a USA Today Bestselling author, host of her own internet radio talk show “Canned Laughter and Coffee with Renee Bernard” and a really lovely lady. Huge THANKS to Renee for being...

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