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USA Today Bestselling Author Jade Lee takes a delicious journey into Regency England and delves deep into the secrets desires of Scher Martin, who is not in any way your ordinary historical heroine. But then if you are familiar with Jade’s fabulous stories, then you know she never writes an ordinary heroine.


[quote]”Scher, the daughter of an actress, manages of troupe of actors and actresses in London. She has always been on the outskirts of society and secretly yearns for a respectability and life within the ton that could never be hers.

Wicked Surrender
Published: September 7, 2010

Resigned to her fate, Scher considers being the mistress of the darkly sensual Viscount Blackstone, a man who makes her body burn, a man with secrets and pain that Scher can heal, a man she wants on every level. But when the Viscount’s young cousin offers Scher a chance at her dream through marriage, Scher and the two men in her life are thrusts on a deeply emotional journey as she must choose between her heart and her dreams.”[/quote]

Whether Jade is writing award winning paranormal, historical, or erotic romance under Jade Lee, or Contemporary romance under Kathy Lyons, she delivers a magical story with unforgettable characters that wrench at the heart. You need to go to and see her treasure trove of stories just waiting to be enjoyed on every level. Also keep an eye out in 2011 for her next deeply sensual, Regency, WICKED SURRENDER.

RT Bookreviews says,

[quote]”Jade Lee has made her mark with sizzling romances whose unique settings, intriguing backdrops and exotic characters lure you into worlds where heaven is reached through the highest meeting of mind and body. It’s a world at once mysterious and erotic, secret and mind-expanding.”[/quote]

Jade is a woman of passion and loves writing romance. She is the daughter of a Shanghai native and a “staunch Indiana Hoosier,” and had to become the heroine of her own life when she struggled to find her own identity somewhere between America and China. Her search took her throughout Asian and the United States. In the end, the answer was found not only at home, but in her own head. This author of more than thirty books has some extremely interesting facts on her website.

Did you know that “According to family legend:”:

  • One of Jade’s ancestors signed the document that leased Hong Kong to the British for 99 years.
  • Jade’s great grandmother had bound feet–barely over 3 inches long. When running to an air raid shelter from bombs in WWII, her grandsons had to carry her–one on each side–while her feet still ran in the air.
  • One of Jade’s ancestors governed a province in China that was troubled by bandits. When he finally caught the evildoers, he cut out the leader’s heart and ate it raw to intimidate the others. It worked!
  • One of Jade’s ancestors put two carved stone dragons on trial for destroying crops and damaging property. According to the trial, these two dragons left a temple wall to play in the river thereby causing flooding and crop damage. They were found guilty and sentenced to remain on the stone pillars for eternity. To large iron spikes were then pounded into the center of each dragon. And the flooding stopped!
  • One of Jade’s ancestors hid for a week under a bed when bandits took over his home. The boy was eight years old and the only survivor of his village. After the bandits moved on, he left his home and walked to the Christian mission in the next county.
  • One of Jade’s ancestors was the first female dentist in Indiana. In her spare time, she caught and canned sparrows. She would tie corn kernels to a piece of string and dangle them from a tree. When the birds ate the corn, they would be caught on the string. She would then take them, can them, and then give them to her relatives as Christmas presents.
  • Jade’s father is the foremost authority in the world on the evolution of camel crickets.
  • Jade was a pro racquetball player for 3 weeks. Then her knees blew out and ended her career. But she still plays! 

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Jennifer St. Giles
Jennifer St. Giles
USA Today Bestselling author of historical romance, contemporary romance, military romance and thriller/suspense.


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