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For just the right mix of edgy suspense and romance this summer, check out bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart’s, Walk the Right Road SeriesLorhainne, who also writes western romance and young adult mysteries, seamlessly blends a thrilling plot of twists and turns with heart grabbing drama.

The Choice
Published: February 4, 2012

Reaching Amazon’s top lists, THE CHOICE, Book One in the series starts out with Marcie Hollis in a dead-end, one-way relationship.  Then a twist of fate puts her on troubled, FBI Agent, Sam Carre’s agenda, and things turn deadly in the steamy shadows of New Orleans.  As Marcie and Sam race to solve the puzzle connecting them both, they are forced to make the right choices—decisions that could cost them more than they ever imagined as they face an evil that has prevailed for generations.

[quote]Romance Junkies says of THE CHOICE, “A modern day crime with all the right elements to make the book enticing. Lust, love, lies and trust are perfectly matched to just a spark of magic.”[/quote]

In Book Two of Walk the Right Road Series, LOST AND FOUNDLorhainne thrusts us into a parent’s worst nightmare and a heart-wrenching crime that leaves Maggie and Richard devastated.  But the mystery surrounding them all won’t stay buried in Maggie and Richard’s grief.  Deadly secrets begin to emerge as drama unfolds the truth of what happened.  Maggie doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.  One thing is for sure though, standing by her man will get her killed.

Lost and Found
Published: July 29, 2012

[quote]“Lorhainne Eckhart pens an edgy, powerful and emotional thriller that will leave you breathless.  There was not a human emotion I did not go through while reading this book… starts with a powerful beginning and continues until the very last page.” Romance Junkies.[/quote]

Published: January 5, 2013

Facing the past is a deadly game in Book Three of Walk the Right Road Series, titled MERKABA.  Dan Mackenzie’s future depends on him staying dead.  He’d sacrificed everything to be dead.  But when mysterious Alecia enters his world, he’s drawn out of the shadows, foolishly thinking he could have her and his anonymity.  What he doesn’t know is that her secrets and a supernatural twist will not only expose everything he tried to hide, but will cost him everything he cannot afford to lose.

So I invite you to walk the right road and get to know bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart.  This mother of three lives on an island in the northwest where she is active in environmental concerns and is a strong advocate for the rights of special needs children.  She loves hearing from readers and personally answers them all.  You can find her and all of her other winning books at www.lorhainneeckhart.com.  Join her newsletter to get updates because there is more to come from her Walk the Right Road Series and don’t forget about her western series, FINDING LOVE ~ The Outsider Series.


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