BLOG POST: I Want to be a Bridgerton

If one were given the opportunity to step into the pages of a book and live inside the world of an author’s creation, then I would happily choose any one of The Bridgerton Series novels by Julia Quinn.

This eight book series takes on a life of its own through the marvelous characters that live within, most notably of course, the Bridgerton siblings themselves Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hiyacinth. Named alphabetically, this reader would have been very happy if Lady Violet, the family matriarch, had produced an Ichabod or Isabella as well, so that there might have been another story to tell.

Who needs cell phones, internet or Starbucks when this family and the truly memorable cast of characters that surround them are around to keep you entertained? Even sitting through one of the ear damaging musicales by the Smith-Smythe girls, garnering the attention of the popular Lady Whistledown’s gossip sheet or a few bruised shins courtesy of Lady Danbury’s wickedly accurate cane would be worth enduring to be part of their world for a just a little while.

The only thing that could make the experience better would be finding yourself in the role of the love interest that captures the heart of any one of the dashing Bridgerton brother’s… or sisters, if that’s your preference. (Now wouldn’t that make an interesting tale for Lady Whistledown’s column?)

Julia Quinn has created within these books a beautiful spell of romantic magic that stays consistent throughout the series, giving us love stories to dream about, characters we would love to call friends and lots of contagious laughter to lift your spirit. Even if I tried, I could not pick one book from the series to single out as a favorite, because they are all too perfect to prioritize in that way.

Check out Julia Quinn’s official website at to find out all about The Bridgerton Series, as well as the other wonderfully written titles in her collection of work. You will not be disappointed!

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Teresa Spreckelmeyer
Teresa Spreckelmeyer
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