Standing on Positive Ground delivers an emotional story of a man whose life was dramatically changed in a devastating car accident as a young child, but rather than dwell on negativity, he opted for a positive outlook.


The Description

Publication Date: February 23, 2023

Standing on Positive Ground is the heartfelt, inspiring true story of Tony V Rodriguez, whose astonishing tragedies and triumphs span a lifetime. It is an unrivaled testament to survival, faith, and the indomitable human spirit.

Before Tony was three years old, he experienced two car accidents, one that nearly cost him his life and permanently changed him physically and mentally. His family, unable to afford the critical extensive care, prayed for a miracle. Answered prayers came through his community, God, and organizations such as the Shriner’s Burns Hospital. Since then, he has survived two near-death experiences, ten auto accidents, three motorcycle accidents, Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) cancer, a stroke, multiple innovative plastic surgeries, disfigurement discrimination, and two divorces.

Through all these extraordinary challenges, Tony also experienced how truly kind people could be, along with the support of the heavenly realm. He knew that he was never alone on his arduous journey.

Standing on Positive Ground is filled with tragic as well as joyous outcomes. Join Tony as he shares his personal journey, including how he rises above tremendous circumstances and ultimately lives a life of accomplishment and positivity.

It is Tony’s greatest hope that his life story uplifts and brings inspiration to the reader.

ExcerptPDF-imgThe Review

Tony Rodriguez has every reason to complain. A childhood car accident left him grossly disfigured, yet the challenges he has faced serve as an inspiration to others.

Tony V. Rodriguez and Karen Danner tell his story in Standing on Positive Ground. Complete with photos and other documentation, the book details his life and the myriad physical and emotional ups and downs.

Born into a migrant family, Rodriguez’s trajectory radically changed after the car accident. However, the right people were put into his path at the right time. Rather than focusing on the negatives that undoubtedly accompany more than 50 surgeries, he learned from the experiences and maintained a positive outlook.

His life serves as an inspirational testimony to others. Thanks to solid organizational tools, the story is easy to follow through Rodriguez’s life. Another significant factor is his constant belief in God amid all the pain and suffering.

Standing on Positive Ground delivers an emotional story of a man whose life was dramatically changed in a devastating car accident as a young child, but rather than dwell on negativity, he opted for a positive outlook.Buy Links

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About The Author

Tony V Rodriguez has experienced many tragedies and blessings in his life. Born in 1966, in beautiful Bartow, Florida, he is the son of interracial parents who supported their family as migrant workers. Before Tony turned three years old, he would survive two separate car accidents, one that nearly claimed his life. Because of serious and life-threatening injuries, Tony spent most of his childhood in hospitals, undergoing many complex surgeries meant to shape and repair his severely disfigured face. Due to many factors, he lived with shame, negativity, and depression. The heaviness of the negativity weighed upon him, and he eventually decided those feelings would not serve him. With his determination, heavenly blessings, strength, and positive attitude, he was able to rise above these extraordinary circumstances to become an inspiration to others whom he has met along the way.

At the time of printing this book, in his mid 50’s, Tony has so far survived three near-death experiences, Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) cancer, stroke, disfigurement and discrimination, twelve auto accidents, three motorcycle accidents, and sixty-six surgeries. Tony’s faith combined with the acts of kindness by many caring individuals has remarkably allowed him to live a mainstream life.

After obtaining an Associate Degree in Computer Engineering Technology, Tony began his professional career as an Electronic Technician for a government-contracted company. Seven years later, in 1995, he accepted an offer from Intel Corporation, located in Arizona, where he enjoyed an Electronic Technician career until he would be forced to medically retire after twenty-one years of service.

Tony enjoys playing video games on his computer or PlayStation 5, visiting classic car shows, listening to music, reading his bible, enjoying time with the heavenly realm, spending time with his wife, and keeping in touch with friends and family. He owns a 1967 Chevy Camaro, the car of his dreams.


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Standing on Positive Ground delivers an emotional story of a man whose life was dramatically changed in a devastating car accident as a young child, but rather than dwell on negativity, he opted for a positive outlook.5-STAR REVIEW: STANDING ON POSITIVE GROUND by Tony V. Rodriguez