Kassandra: A Tale of Love, War, and One Woman’s Destiny shows that even a relationship between an Amazon and a Spartan soldier is possible.

5-STAR REVIEW: KASSANDRA by Alison Blasdell

The Description

Publication Date: June 28, 2023

This is the tale of Kassandra, born in Athens, Greece, in the 4th century BC, and her transition from a frightened but determined girl into a formidable warrior—a path of trust and betrayal, love and loss, joy and heartbreak—the story of a woman who challenges the very gods of Greece to find happiness.

Kassandra was just ten years old when her mother spirited her away in the middle of the night to avoid an arranged marriage, traveling until they reached the mountains the Greeks believed belonged to Zeus. There, her mother left her alone, telling her she must climb the mountains, a feat no man had accomplished, to find the secret band of warrior women who were free—the Amazons.

Thus begins Kassandra’s journey, a journey that will take her from the battlefields of Persia to Athens at the height of its glory and ultimately fulfill her destiny.

The Review

Take a journey back to ancient Greece, where a young girl embarks on an incredible journey seeking to forge her own destiny.

Author Alison Blasdell taps into the culture of fourth century BC and delivers Kassandra: A Tale of Love, War, and One Woman’s Destiny. To escape an arranged marriage, her mother sends Kassandra from Athens to the mountains for refuge. There, she will find her aunt, the leader of the Amazons.

What ensues is a powerful tale highlighting a culture that historians find challenging because original documentation is sparse. However, within the first 25 pages, the author outlines the options for women during the time period, clearly illustrating why Kassandra’s mother would have steered her away from marriage.

Additionally, the element of the fierce female warriors enhances the story’s appeal. Even Kassandra thought the Amazons were fictitious. The story also features the twelve Olympians prominent in Greek daily life.

Aside from formal names and places, the author uses modern English to tell the story. Thanks to her attention to detail, the action moves well, making this an engaging read.

Kassandra faces a pivotal point when she rescues Nikias. Her Amazonian background puts her at odds with the feelings Nikias stirs, making them both search for a way they could be together.

Kassandra: A Tale of Love, War, and One Woman’s Destiny shows that even a relationship between an Amazon and a Spartan soldier is possible.Buy Links

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About The AuthorAlison Blasdell holds a Ph.D. in physiology and biophysics but has always been an avid reader of fiction. She began writing novels 25 years ago, but only after retiring (from teaching medical and nursing students for 30 years) did she pursue the publication of her novels.

Alison artfully blends genres to create fast-paced memorable stories. It could be a romance richly placed in a historic setting, or it could be a dual time period tale marked with suspense and a bit of fantasy to make you consider all the possibilities. She has placed her characters in action-oriented spy thrillers and contemporary settings where love and belief in the extraordinary are pivotally woven into the adventure.

An equestrian, with a background in music, martial arts, marksmanship, a passion for history, and an interest in the potential of the human mind, Alison often weaves these areas of interest into her books. And always at the heart of the story is a woman of strength and compassion.

Alison lives with her husband, three horses, and two dogs in the Midwest on a farm that has been in her family for 170 years



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Kassandra: A Tale of Love, War, and One Woman’s Destiny shows that even a relationship between an Amazon and a Spartan soldier is possible.5-STAR REVIEW: KASSANDRA by Alison Blasdell