Mia provides a deep dive into the impact a confidential informant plays in the life of an undercover detective.

5-STAR REVIEW: MIA by John Lansing

About The Book

The Jack Bertolino Series: Prequel
Publication Date: June 4, 2024

Mia, is the origin story of retired inspector Jack Bertolino as a young undercover, NYPD narco-busting detective and his relationship with Mia, his confidential informant.

Mia, a former Miss Colombia, has the kind of beauty that can make a grown man contemplate leaving his wife, his job, and his kids. She’s a complex character, with a painful backstory, who signs on with Jack to help him infiltrate, and take down, a heavy hitter in the Colombian drug trade. Mia has ice water in her veins and is already responsible for delivering large amounts of cocaine, and millions of the cartels cash into the government’s coffers.

This is Jack and Mia’s story. How Mia became a confidential informant, her evolving relationship with Jack, and how the life and death case they break wide open becomes the prequel to The Devil’s Necktie



The Review

Just like in the movie industry, authors know that when they’ve found a successful storyline, prequels and sequels can continue to build the readership base.

That is especially true for author John Lansing’s successful Jack Bertolino series. Mia, the sixth installment, goes back in time to explore the origin story of the young NYPD undercover detective and his confidential informant.

There’s always a risk with prequels because even though this is the beginning of the story, it can’t contradict what has already been established in the other volumes. The author successfully delivers the backstory, which is filled with an inside look into the Colombian drug trade. The danger Mia faces is reinforced by the ruthlessness of cartel leadership.

When Mia takes on Manuel Alvarez, winning his trust and then wiping out the profits of his ill-gained wealth, she becomes a target. She reaches out to Jack for help escaping, which sets up the foundation for the next installment.

Mia provides a deep dive into the impact a confidential informant plays in the life of an undercover detective.Buy Links

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About The Author

John Lansing is the author of six thrillers featuring Jack Bertolino—The Devil’s NecktieBlond CargoDead Is DeadThe Fourth Gunman25 to Life, and MIA—as well as the true-crime non-fiction book Good Cop Bad Money, written with former NYPD Inspector Glen Morisano. He has been a writer and supervising producer on Walker, Texas Ranger, the co-executive producer of the ABC series Scoundrels, and co-wrote two MOWs for CBS. The Devil’s Necktie is in development at Andria Litto’s Amuse Entertainment, with Barbara DeFina attached as a producer.

A native of Long Island, John now resides in Los Angeles.


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Amy Wilson
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  1. Many thanks to Amy, for reading and then writing such a wonderful review of “Mia.” You made my day. Best, John


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Mia provides a deep dive into the impact a confidential informant plays in the life of an undercover detective.5-STAR REVIEW: MIA by John Lansing