AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Anna DeStefano—A Dynamic Force

Awardwinning and National Bestselling Anna DeStefano debuted in 2004 and since then has publish over fourteen award winning novels. No small feat for a wife and mother, but then during that time she was also was president of Georgia Romance Writers, a group of over three hundred authors and aspiring writers, taught writing workshops to over sixty groups, plus continued aspects of her corporate career, and played competitive tennis for starters.  There are those who’d say they’d expect nothing less from this Georgia Tech honors graduate and IT guru.  Can I just say dynamic again?

I for one just stand in awe and say “You go, Girl!” because the story doesn’t end there.  Anna writes romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romantic suspense with a gripping emotional edge that has her readers clinging to the pages of her books.  Innovative concepts and unexpected twists and turns keep your heart racing and your pulse pounding in a world where dreams are used as weapons and who you think you can trust is the one person you need to fear the most.

Just released is SECRET LEGACY, the second book in Anna’s paranormal suspense series.  Danger and emotion give this fast paced thrill ride of a series an edge you won’t forget.

Secret Legacy
Published: May 2, 2011


Help me…” cries the child from Sarah Temple’s nightmare. The voice haunts her more every day, whether Sarah’s awake or asleep.

A month before, Sarah made the same plea. She barely escaped the covert organization experimenting with her psychic ability. Now, exposing their secrets is the only way to save the lost little girl who’s become the next target–a special child who can manipulate dreams and alter people’s will.

But is Sarah’s mysterious link to the girl a clue, or a tactic of her captors to lure her back? The only way to be sure is to trust the man who broke her heart in order to save her life. A psychic warrior honor bound by a centuries-old brotherhood to protect Sarah and safeguard the…Secret Legacy.


The Rochester Writing Examiner on the Legacy Series says, ““Whether you prefer Thrillers, Suspense, Romance or even Fantasy this is the book for you…[it] will leave you utterly satisfied and yet demanding the next book in the series the moment you finish reading the last page.”

Dark Legacy
Published: September 1, 2009

I urge all of you paranormal, suspense, fantasy, and thriller fans out there to first read Book one of the Legacy Series, DARK



Die!” scream her nightmares. The voice is her sister’s, the compulsion stronger than any ordinary dream.

Maddie Temple can’t go through this again. Her twin has been in a coma for the last ten years. Their psychic link was severed. At least, that’s what she thought.

But there’s a lot Maddie doesn’t know—about the 200-year-old curse on her family, about the shadowy group that wants to exploit the Temple twins’ powers for themselves, about the sexy psychiatrist offering to help her. The only way to find the answers and avoid being pulled into the abyss of madness is to trust her heart and confront her… Dark Legacy.


So gear up and delve into a legacy you will never forget from an author whose a new and dynamic force in paranormal suspense.  Excerpts and more about Anna’s other books can be found on her website at



Jennifer St. Giles
Jennifer St. Giles
USA Today Bestselling author of historical romance, contemporary romance, military romance and thriller/suspense.


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