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Wellness of Life BannerI wanted to give individuals a clear, simple, holistic, insight, pure connection of articulation on how we have been given all that we need in order for Whole Body Heath and Wellness with Ease.

Most people are curious, wonder and want to know how our body functions internally, or what creates you to have weight concerns, depleted energy and lack mental fortitude, or why you may want to know what causes sickness, illness, disease and how aging begins?

The Insight we have already been given what we need in order for the whole body to potentially heal. Whole Body Health and Wellness with Ease, not primarily focusing on the disease, instead of paying attention to the cause.

The Wellness of Life mission is to provide holistic wellness coaching, substantial services, resources, and tools to transition and transform your current healthcare into embracing self-care and believing in self-compassion. I look forward to assisting in people’s journey to wellness.

My desire is to help you turn toward a state of well-being. Helping individuals by connecting, communicating, and creating a wellness strategy for the struggle…custom made for each individual.

Education on cleansing, elimination (releasing), restoration, and rebuilding. In order to give the whole body the opportunity to rebuild itself naturally. This is showing up for your body as it shows up for you!

My contribution to individuals is…consistently committed to addressing the cause. A series of profound adjustments using wholehearted conversations and efficient proper resources to transition effectively into potential healing.  

Holistic is a whole picture of all aspects of the individual for assessment to determine what is needed at the present moment in time, In order to evolve in your journey. We are individuals first. Our families, friendships, occupations, and social lives are made up of individuals. As an individual, we contribute to all of the above. 

Each individual has a gift, talent, skill, and ability destined for life’s existence or preoccupied by comparison and compromising. Our bodies know the layers of emotions, the mental stress of the mind, the collection of stored sensory information from the brain, and the heart of the whole person. Anatomy and physiology show us how we are well made in complete fullness. The capacity of true fulfillment internally. What you see, what you intake into your body, what you tell yourself, and what you believe matters. This is why the relief of releasing is rewarding.  

To share something is to give a portion. My pure intention in writing this book is to supersede sharing and to write with whole fullness. Gently with love and kindness ask yourself, What are you full of? Welcome this question with Ease… If you cannot answer the question right now. Know that self-care requires self-compassion.

Gratitude to the reader. A connection to the information and internal questions provided will help you self-assess, write, see your answers, and by the end of this book, you will hopefully and faithfully move forward in creating an individualized strategy through wellness coaching to Live Wellness “of” Life. Over 15 years. Ago. I chose to use the word “of” because it means to “be it,”… “for” is to “support it” and “to” is to “motion to approach it.” Let’s be it!

About The BookPublication Date: April 29, 2020

Wellness of LifeHave you wondered and wanted to know how your body functions internally, or what creates you to feel weight concerns, depleted of energy, and lack mental fortitude, or why you may want to know what causes sickness, illness, disease and how aging begins? Wellness of Life will give you a clear, simple, holistic, insight, pure connection of articulation on how we have been given all that we need in order for Whole Body Wellness with Ease.

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About The Author

Angela HarrisAngela Harris, Founder of Wellness of Life Internal Restoration Clinic, and Wellness of Life Supplements. Truly committed Entrepreneur for over 20 years, Practicing in Holistic Integrative Health and Wellness, Published Author, and Public Speaker.



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