I found the book to be easy to digest with solid, thought-provoking activities. Too many solutions fail to address the underlying issues. In this case, How to Heal Financial Anxiety provides action items that will put those issues to rest.


The Description

Publication Date: August 14, 2021

Are you tired of feeling stressed over money?

Do you feel financially humiliated instead of confidently happy?

Have you had an abuser or narcissist in your past that stole your joy and your sense of security?

When your finances suffer, your entire life suffers from your health and relationships to education and opportunities. Planning for the future seems pointless when you are drowning in debt.

Your habits, patterns of thought, and behaviors, including your money and mind connection, are often handed down through generations and neuroplastic changes in the brain due to childhood stress and trauma. Then, there are social stigmas also causing negative neuroplastic changes.

It is not your fault!

The good news is that all of this can be cleared up fairly easily with targeted actions and awareness.

⚠ When you feel overwhelmed by your finances or lack thereof, you are more apt to feel anxious, depressed, reach for junk food, or attract toxic people, all of which only create more problems.

You feel like you are living in a heavy cloak of vulnerability, scarcity, deprivation, stress, and shame.

You don’t deserve that.

Is this you? Maybe you’ve tried to dig yourself out. by yourself. Or, you’ve tried to read the “get out of debt” books promising credit repair, a debt-free journey, investment, and personal finance “secrets” but ended up being full of fluff. Maybe you have flipped through pages of unrelatable books by celebrities or heiresses to fortunes.

You are in luck.

I won’t insult you with another cookie-cutter method and… I’m not a debutante.

What you do need is to stop feeling broke and broken and to trust yourself.

Finally, a comprehensive science-based financial solution is here.

You will experience

✓Bite-sized activities

✓An easy-to-follow format

You’ll embark on a journey of self-awareness and self-value toward more self and net-worth, and it’s even customizable to your personal needs and goals.

No more feeling stressed over money or your life, it’s time to be fiscally-fearless and emotionally free.

What you will receive:

✓ A deeply therapeutic experience for your feelings and finances

✓Over 60 neuroscience-based activities to explore

✓ A complimentary downloadable pdf workbook to take you through the year

✓ A weekly support group that is email-based, to sustain your financial healing process so you never feel alone.

✓ Invites to discounted and complimentary workshops and events, including facilitator training and certification.

♥ Heal financial anxiety, today. Grab the book and join the community.

The Review

Ask the average person to make a list of the things he or she most often worries about, and chances are very high that money will be on that list. In her book, How to Heal Financial Anxiety, Michele Paiva rolls out 11 chapters geared to help reduce that layer of stress.

As someone who specializes in working with clients who have had trauma and financial strife, the author evens the playing field for everyone, regardless of financial burden. With more than 60 exercises included in the book, the focus is on the psychological and sociological factors contributing to financial anxiety. Additionally, a free PDF workbook with bonus material can be downloaded to accompany the book.

The author approaches the topic in a non-threatening way that serves to encourage readers to be open and honest as they complete the self-paced activities. Readers are encouraged to skim through the material first and then settle in for a deeper dive at their own pace.

I found the book to be easy to digest with solid, thought-provoking activities. Too many solutions fail to address the underlying issues. In this case, How to Heal Financial Anxiety provides action items that will put those issues to rest.

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About The Author

Michele Paiva is a licensed psychotherapist with 30 years of experience, and a sought-after expert in trauma, neuromarketing, and finance therapy by the media. She’s been featured in Oprah magazine, Vogue, Forbes, The Washington Post, USA Today, and speaker at the American Marketing Association, several universities, and many organizations.


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