What’s the Difference? offers an opportunity to learn more about our language by creating a guide to explore the nuances of the words we use.


The Description

Publication Date: June 11, 2023

In What’s the Difference, the distinctions between similar words are explored. Words such as cemeteries and graveyards, cougars and pumas, oceans and seas are explained, as well as seltzer water and club soda, milk and buttermilk, buffalo and bison.

Words that we frequently use interchangeably often have subtle differences, and sometimes have significantly different meanings. This book provides a fun look into the array of words in the English language that have similar meanings.

The Review

The English language is filled with contradictions, often setting forth a complex set of guidelines followed by a long list of exceptions.

However, for true language enthusiasts, there is plenty of fodder for discussion. Dr. Thomas J. Baechle has compiled an impressive list of ordinary things that seem similar but are actually quite different. His findings are packaged into a well-organized book titled What’s the Difference?

With sections such as geography, weather, spaces, health, material, things about drinking, things about eating, living things, words, measuring things, as well as various miscellaneous sections, the author uses interesting stories and definitions to differentiate between terms. For example, a swamp and a marsh are not the same.

Credit also goes to David Helton for the quirky illustrations. This book would make an excellent conversation starter, perfect for trivia lovers. It also serves as a way to connect with other people.

What’s the Difference? offers an opportunity to learn more about our language by creating a guide to explore the nuances of the words we use.Buy Links

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About The Author

Thomas Baechle grew up and until recently lived in Cleveland, Ohio, spending time near Lake Erie and hiking, bicycling, and picnicking  in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  

He enjoys traveling and road trips and has visited most of the national parks in the US and each of the  50 states.

“Each park and each state is unique in its beauty grandeur.”

Thomas has pursued various  adventures and has backpacked across Isle Royale National Park several times with his son and grandson, skydived with his children, and run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  

He recently relocated to the south shore of Massachusetts, where he enjoys time with family near Plymouth and Duxbury Bays.  

Before his retirement, Tom enjoyed a legal career.


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What’s the Difference? offers an opportunity to learn more about our language by creating a guide to explore the nuances of the words we use.5-STAR REVIEW: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE by Thomas J. Baechle