A Grave Robbery is an excellent addition to one of my favorite series. With mystery, danger, and a little romance, Raybourn takes you on a journey you will not quickly forget. Excelsior!


The Description

Veronica Speedwell Series: Book 9
Publication Date: March 12, 2024

Veronica and Stoker discover that not all fairy tales have happy endings, and some end in murder, in this latest historical mystery from New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award–nominated author Deanna Raybourn.

Lord Rosemorran has purchased a wax figure of a beautiful reclining woman and asks Stoker to incorporate a clockwork mechanism to give the Rosemorran Collection its own Sleeping Beauty in the style of Madame Tussaud’s. But when Stoker goes to cut the mannequin open to insert the mechanism, he makes a gruesome discovery: this is no wax figure. The mannequin is the beautifully preserved body of a young woman who was once very much alive. But who would do such a dreadful thing, and why?

Sleuthing out the answer to this question sets Veronica and Stoker on their wildest adventure yet. From the underground laboratories of scientists experimenting with electricity to resurrect the dead in the vein of Frankenstein to the traveling show where Stoker once toured as an attraction, the gaslit atmosphere of London in October is the perfect setting for this investigation into the unknown. Through it all, the intrepid pair is always one step behind the latest villain—a man who has killed once and will stop at nothing to recover the body of the woman he loved. Will they unmask him in time to save his next victim? Or will they become the latest figures to be immortalized in his collection of horrors?

The Review

Enjoying a small moment of peace after their latest investigation, Veronica Speedwell and her beau, Stoker, are given an assignment. Bring a beautiful wax figure to life for their generous landlord, Lord Rosemorran. But when Stoker begins his work, they are both horrified to realize this sleeping beauty is not wax but a perfectly preserved woman, dead by means unknown. Digging into the investigation brings more questions than answers, and the danger may be closer than anticipated in A Grave Robbery by Deanna Raybourn.

Veronica and Stoker are enjoying their work at the Belvedere when Lord Rosemorran and his spirited young daughter, Lady Rose, excitedly bring them a new project. Enthralled by the “Sleeping Beauty” at Madame Tussaud’s, Lady Rose wants her own beautiful breathing wax figure. Knowing how the “breathing” mechanism works, Stoker agrees to help. But, as he starts to open the figure to fit the mechanism, he and Veronica realize this figure is not wax but a body.

Wanting justice and a proper rest for the unknown woman, they launch their own investigation. With so little to go on, they know they must reach out to others for help—primarily their sometimes friends, J.J Butterworth and Scotland Yard Detective Mornaday. Working together, they start to discover who this woman might be and, more importantly, how she became encased in her glass coffin. But the more they uncover, the more they question. Answering those questions, however, quickly puts their lives on the line, and this time, they might not find the justice they long for.

I was lucky enough to come upon the Veronica Speedwell Mysteries series through recommendations from other readers some years ago. Immediately, I was hooked. I love the way Raybourn writes and how strong Veronica is, sometimes to her own detriment. So when I was offered the opportunity to read this newest addition to the series, I jumped at the chance. And I was not disappointed.

A Grave Robbery is a great combination of classic Veronica Speedwell with a touch of Mary Shelley. I loved the mystery, and the cast of characters was a perfect addition to the story. But what I loved most was the growth in Veronica and Stoker. From refusing to acknowledge their feelings to being willing to call each other “darling” and holding hands in public is such a remarkable development. I also appreciated that Raybourn still showed how Veronica can be worried about aspects of their relationship. But Stoker loving her for who she is—who she really is—is such a strong note that carries their characters through their journey.

I loved that this story was much more complex. Usually, we at least know who the deceased is and how they died. But we had nothing in this story, and we are just as in the dark as Veronica and Stoker were. I really enjoyed the continued involvement of J.J. and Mornaday, especially Veronica’s own growth in friendship with J.J. She can finally acknowledge J.J. as a kindred spirit, which shows how far Veronica has come.

A Grave Robbery is an excellent addition to one of my favorite series. With mystery, danger, and a little romance, Raybourn takes you on a journey you will not quickly forget. Excelsior!

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About The AuthorDeanna Raybourn is the New York Times bestselling and Edgar® Award–nominated author of the Veronica Speedwell Mysteries, the Lady Julia Grey series, and several stand-alone novels, including KILLERS OF A CERTAIN AGE. She lives in Virginia with her family.



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A Grave Robbery is an excellent addition to one of my favorite series. With mystery, danger, and a little romance, Raybourn takes you on a journey you will not quickly forget. Excelsior!5-STAR REVIEW: A GRAVE ROBBERY by Deanna Raybourn