Rise to Rebellion serves as a top-notch historical mystery highlighting the challenges leading up to the Revolutionary War.


Rise to Rebellion-EXCERPTAbout The Book

Faith Clarke: Book 3
Publication Date: September 26, 2023

Summer 1776. Different missions call Faith Clarke and Jeremy Butler to Philadelphia, where delegates meet to determine the path of the rebellious American Colonies. Faith has been called back to her childhood home to make peace with her terminally ill mother, while Jeremy has been summoned by General Washington to report to Philadelphia to deal with a crisis impacting the Continental Crisis. Yet nothing is as it seems.

Her mother’s wandering mind reveals a secret that no one wants to discuss, but Faith realizes must come to light. A child, born out of wedlock, haunts her mother’s memories and destroys her peace. No matter to cost, Faith knows this child must be found for her mother to pass in peace, even as her own family tries to stop her. Only her older sister, Hannah is willing to help her find the truth that will allow her mother to die in peace.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Butler hunts for an assassin determined to kill a member of the Congress meeting to draft a proclamation from the American Colonies. All attempts lead back to Benjamin Franklin, who is at the heart of the negotiations to send a united message to the King of England. But who would want to kill Franklin, a man respected by all? Alone in a strange town, Jeremy enlists the help of Faith’s sister Hannah, a formidable widow with a mind of her own. Together, they work to keep Franklin safe while hunting a ruthless killer wandering the streets of Philadelphia.

While Jeremy seeks answers from Franklin’s estranged son, William. Faith and Hannah hunt for their long-lost sister, who they believe may still be living in Philadelphia. Neither of them realizes that in a city rife with rebellion, anyone could be tempted to rise up and revolt against those held responsible for the deepest of betrayals.


PDF-imgThe Review

Revolutionary War dignitaries come to life in a fascinating 18th-century mystery in Philadelphia.

Author Julie Bates delivers Rise to Rebellion, the third installment in the Faith Clarke Mastery series. What initially appears as two separate storylines come together with the political unrest serving as a common theme.

Jeremy Butler is investigating assassination attempts involving top leaders of the Rebellion against England, such as Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock.

Meanwhile, Faith’s visit to her ailing mother reveals a secret that must be resolved. Faith’s sleuthing skills are put to the test, especially in light of criticism from other family members.

As the political climate heats up, knowing who to trust becomes more of a challenge. Faith and her sister join Jeremy in their search to find answers.

While many historical details can be found in dusty textbooks, the author makes them relatable as the mystery unfolds.

Rise to Rebellion serves as a top-notch historical mystery highlighting the challenges leading up to the Revolutionary War.Buy Links

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About The AuthorJulie Bates enjoys reading and writing in a variety of genres. After spending a few years writing freelance articles, her first novel Cry of the Innocent, premiered in June 2021, followed by A Seed of Betrayal in 2022. The Eight book series follows the timeline of the American Revolutionary War. In addition, she has blogged for Killer Nashville and the educational website Read.Learn.Write. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Triangle Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Southeastern Writers of America  (SEMWA) and The Historical Novel Society. When not busy plotting her next story, she enjoys working in her garden, doing crafts and spending time with her husband and son, as well as a number of dogs and cats who have shown up on her doorstep and never left…


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Rise to Rebellion serves as a top-notch historical mystery highlighting the challenges leading up to the Revolutionary War.5-STAR REVIEW: RISE TO REBELLION by Julie Bates