The Malachi Covenant takes readers on an international adventure to track an ancient relic with powerful potential.


The Description

Publication Date: April 23, 2024

The relics of St. Nicholas are among the most divine and prized possessions in the Christian world, said to hold the power to heal the most incurable diseases and protect those who come in contact with them. Biblical archeologist Maggie Shepherd has the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to extract and study one of these priceless artifacts buried in the tomb of the man who is now known as Santa Claus. In just a few weeks, on Christmas Eve, the Pope will present the venerated relic of St. Nicholas to the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Moscow in the hope of reuniting East and West after a 1,000-year schism.

Driven by rumors of the relic’s legendary power, many people want to control it, including a Russian mob boss who coerces Malachi Popov into stealing it for him before the ceremony. A devout man, Popov wants nothing to do with the evil scheme but his desperate need for money to support his ailing mother leaves him no choice. Once in possession of the miraculous relic, Popov witnesses its awesome power and regrets his action, but before he can set things right, it vanishes.

Not knowing who to trust, both Popov and Maggie set off on a globe-spanning chase to recover the treasured artifact before the world learns it’s missing, and all hope of reuniting the Church is lost. What they don’t know is there are others on their trail who will stop at nothing to keep them from their prize, including murder.

The Review

It’s a case of playing hot potato with the priceless artifacts found in the tomb of St. Nicholas. With the reunification of the Eastern and Western branches of the Catholic Church in the balance, attention focuses on these prized possessions.

Archeologist Maggie Shepherd has been offered the opportunity to study the relic, which Malachi Popov stole on behalf of the Russian mob. However, before he can do anything with it, the relic vanishes.

This sets the stage for a powerful historical fiction tale in The Malachi Covenant by Dee Kelly, Jr. Maggie and Malachi join forces on a journey across the world to find the missing relic. Along the way, they find themselves targeted by enemies determined to keep them from succeeding.

From inner papal circles to the realm of the Russian mob, the suspense is high. Incorporating the relic’s history coveys its significance in bridging the 1,000-year separation between the two branches.

The main characters add great flavor to the story, especially Malachi’s redemption. His conversation with the Pope illustrated his growth.

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About The Author

Dee Kelly is a master of suspense, blending historical truths with vivid characters who shed new light on the stories of our past.

His fast-paced, intriguing stories draw readers into a world of mystery, where each character and plot twist reveal more about history and human nature.

Kelly’s novels create alternative realities that blur the line between truth and fiction. His fascination with the intersection of events in history and characters in the contemporary world began in his early days as an undergraduate student at the University of Texas.

After law school, Kelly became a prominent Texas attorney, but he never lost his overriding love for books and storytelling.

The Malachi Covenant is the first novel released under his own name, following a successful series of novels published under a pseudonym.

When he’s not writing, Kelly continues to advise prominent companies and business leaders in his law practice. He serves on the boards of a number of arts and philanthropic organizations.

Kelly lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Dana, and the center of their universe, dog Scout. The Kelly’s have three beloved daughters.



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The Malachi Covenant takes readers on an international adventure to track an ancient relic with powerful potential.5-STAR REVIEW: THE MALACHI COVENANT by Dee Kelly Jr