The Diary at the Last House Before the Sea showcases a heartwarming community and sheds light on a family tragedy.


The Description

Heaven’s Cove: Book 7
Publication Date: July 8, 2024

‘Dear Diary, I have so much to keep secret. Maybe I am cruel to leave. But I have no choice…’

Thirty-one-year old Clara‘s family have called their cosy cottage in the grounds of Brellasham Manor ‘home’ her whole life. And when River, the owner’s son, returns after sixteen years away, at first Clara is wary. They shared their first kiss as teenagers before River moved halfway around the world, and his soulful brown eyes look just the same.

Clara’s first heartache isn’t the only memory overshadowing the manor. More than fifty years ago, Audrey Brellasham lived here as a young bride and filled the house with love, laughter and dancing. Until one night, she walked into the stormy sea and was never seen again.

When Clara finds Audrey’s old leather-bound diary tucked away, she’s certain that deciphering the coded messages inside will reveal the secret truth about this mysterious woman. And as River helps her explore Audrey’s locked attic bedroom, preserved from the night she disappeared and filled with her beautiful ballgowns, they’re soon laughing together and forgetting all the reasons they drifted apart.

But when River’s father announces the manor, and the cottage, will be sold to developers, Clara’s mother is devastated that everything she knows and loves is disappearing. And with the elderly owner clamming up at any mention of the past, it seems Audrey’s story is lost forever.

But if Clara keeps searching, will she be able to save her mother’s home? Or will solving the secrets of the diary tear apart River’s family, and destroy any chance of happiness between them?

This book can be enjoyed as a standalone.

An absolutely stunning and uplifting story that will sweep you away to the wind-swept Devon coast. Perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber, Jean Grainger and Barbara O’Neal.

The Review

For over half a century, the residents of Heaven’s Cove have wondered about the drowning death of Audrey Brellasham, the lady of the manor. Even Clara, the daughter of the manor’s housekeeper, feels drawn to the sadness in Audrey’s portrait.

With The Diary at the Last House Before the Sea, author Liz Eeles delivers the seventh installment in the Heaven’s Cove series. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it can easily be enjoyed as a standalone.

The draw of a small community is evident as the residents prepare for the annual charity event that marks the only day residents can tour the manor. With the arrival of River, the heir, after being away for over 16 years, change is on the horizon.

However, when Clara finds a diary among her deceased grandmother’s possessions, she expects the contents to focus on a housekeeper’s perspective. It’s not until she opens it that she realizes it is Audrey’s diary and is packed with family secrets.

As old hurts are revealed, a budding relationship starts between River and Clara. Will the family secrets impact the community?

The Diary at the Last House Before the Sea showcases a heartwarming community and sheds light on a family tragedy.

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About The AuthorLiz Eeles writes heart-warming women’s fiction and funny, feel-good romantic comedies. She worked as a journalist for years and brought up a family on the south coast of England, all the while writing fiction on the quiet. After being shortlisted in a couple of national novel-writing competitions, her dream of being a published author came true – and now she spends her days writing, and trying to convince her family that it’s a ‘proper’ job.



Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson
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The Diary at the Last House Before the Sea showcases a heartwarming community and sheds light on a family tragedy.5-STAR REVIEW: THE DIARY AT THE LAST HOUSE BEFORE THE SEA by Liz Eeles