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GUEST BLOG: Pollution and the Garment Industry by Tracey Szynkaruk Plus Giveaway!

The garment industry is one of the most polluting in the world. The operating model of fast fashion is just exacerbating this major problem. Unfortunately, less than 1% of used clothing is...

GUEST BLOG: Regency Mystery and…Auditory Processing Disorder? By: Abigail Wilson Plus Giveaway!

“I have great difficulty hearing and understanding people in crowded spaces. It’s an affliction I’ve suffered since birth. Everyone’s voices jumble together, particularly with the instrumentalists present, until the sounds form nothing...

GUEST BLOG: Imitation and Identity by Elizabeth Rasche

Writers are so often advised to “write the sort of book you love to read.” As a Jane Austen fan, I have often wished she had lived to write more books. It...

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