INTERVIEW: My Body’s Just for Me by Eva and Yoshi Shiraki and Illustrated by Yanilda Shiraki

Taking on a special ministry, the authors of MY BODY’S JUST FOR ME have written a children’s book to teach small children about respect in regards to their bodies.  This book is uniquely written to foster open communication between children and parents to teach them about what is inappropriate touching and what to do should someone try to touch them.

On the website, Eva Shiraki reveals that shortly after she educated her two children about sexual abuse when they were very young, her daughter soon revealed that her babysitter had touched her inappropriately.  Eva was able to stop the incident immediately.  What happened drove her to co-create MY BODY’S JUST FOR ME.  Eva believes we cannot afford to procrastinate educating our children on this sensitive, but very important subject.

Yoshi Shiraki understands the importance of the education that his mother gave to his sister and himself. Yoshi’s nieces and nephews are a significant part of his life. He realizes how easily abuse can happen and has happened to someone very close to him and decided that he needed to not only help educate his nieces and nephews, but as many children as possible. When Yoshi started to write this book, he felt it was important to create a book that was child-friendly, even though the topic is difficult. He wanted a timeless book that he could one day read to his future children. Yoshi believes the more we focus on prevention, the less we will have to focus on rehabilitation.

Yanilda Shiraki has worked with children since she graduated from Hunter College in New York City with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. Shortly after Yanilda’s graduation, she and her mother opened a day care center where Yanilda discovered her passion for working with kids and how much she loves being a part of a child’s development. Yanilda’s other passion in life is art. She learned at a young age that she had a special gift and was accepted to a specialized high school for artists in New York City. Yanilda understands art and how children perceive messages from illustrations. With her art and child development experience, she was the perfect illustrator for this book.
If you have a little child close to you, then you must check out MY BODY’S JUST FOR ME on their website and see if you can become part of this vital ministry.

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