Crime Hits Home showcases a variety of bite-sized stories full of action and thrills.


The Description

Mystery Writers of America Series: Book 3
Publication Date: April 19, 2022

The newest anthology from Mystery Writers of America explores the theme of home and the crimes that endanger it, with stories by Ellen Hart, Naomi Hirahara, Walter Mosley, Sara Paretsky and more.

Everyone comes from someplace. Everyone has somewhere they feel safe. Some people have found their home and are content where they are. Others feel trapped and yearn to go somewhere else. Many are somewhere else and yearn to go back. But evenin these safest of places, sometimes…crime hits home. What happens then?

In this volume, MWA brings together some of today’s biggest crime writers—and some of our most exciting new talents—to consider this question. Each writer has defined home as they see fit: a place, a group, a feeling. The crime can come from without or within. What happens when crime hits home?

Featuring stories from:

Naomi Hirahara
David Bart
Sara Paretsky
Susan Breen
Gary Phillips
Neil S. Plakcy
Renee James
Connie Johnson Hambley
Gabino Iglesias
A.P. Jamison
Walter Mosley
Tori Eldridge
Ellen Hart
G. Miki Hayden
Jonathan Santlofer
Jonathan Stone
Ovidia Yu
Bonnie Hearn Hill
Steve Liskow
S.J. Rozan

The Review

What happens when crime happens here, at home? Twenty authors explore this question in Crime Hits Home, the third anthology from Mystery Writers of America. Edited by S.J. Rozan, this collection of short stories delivers a diverse reading experience linked to the theme of home.

The first story, “Grand Garden” by Naomi Hirahara, immediately sets the tone to expect the unexpected. It provides a perfect segue into “The World’s Oldest Living Detective” by David Bart. Aside from the actual story, it was interesting to see the role that Ripley the cat played.

Other titles that caught my interest include “Oyster Creek” by Neil Plakey. While it is set in 1968, it contains themes pulled from today’s crime news. “Currents” by Connie Johnson Hambley is a chilling tale of hired killers with an interesting twist. “Not Exit” by Walter Mosley tells the story of Tom Exit and his experiences behind bars. “Playing for Keeps by S.J. Rozan rounds out the collection with a meaningful story about a game of marbles.

With 20 different stories, this collection contains something for every reader. Each writer defines “home” differently; it could be a place, a thing, or even a feeling. Regardless, it is where we are most comfortable and feel safe. What happens when “home” is threatened?

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About The AuthorSJ Rozan is the author of 16 novels and 75+ short stories. Her work has won the Edgar, Anthony, Shamus, Nero, and Macavity Arads and the Japanese Maltese Falcon Award. In 2016 she was given the Private Eye Writers of America Life Achievement Award. She has served on the National Boards of MWA and Sisters in Crime and as President of PWA. She edited BRONX NOIR, an NAIBA Notable Book of the Year, and co-edited Dark End of the Street.




Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson
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Crime Hits Home showcases a variety of bite-sized stories full of action and thrills.5-STAR REVIEW: CRIME HITS HOME by S.J. Rozan