Avoiding Swindlers sheds light on ways investors can be separated needlessly from their money and highlights areas of caution.


About The Book

Publication Date: July 21, 2022

The book deals with actual situations that resulted in investors losing multi-millions of dollars to financial tricksters. Emphasis is placed upon learning how to detect early warning signs. Financial exposure can be minimized prior to situations deteriorating into bankruptcies. However, individual investors have to take specific actions after doing some homework. Otherwise, the alternative is to lose money by listening to “hot tips,” often involving publicly traded securities.

Some types of commonly seen but inappropriate financial reporting are permitted in certain countries (including parts of North America), even though they deeply aid the financial tricksters. Governments are seriously neglecting investors by not prohibiting certain reporting trickery. Overall, in some regions, investor protection is simply archaic (including allowing false advertising). Currently, investors face serious risks.

The book attempts to minimize technical language. Stress is placed upon encouraging investors to look for specific warning signs before opening their purses and wallets to the growing group of tricksters.

Avoiding Swindlers” will change the way you look at Canadian investments.


The Review

With more than 35 years of experience as an investigative accountant, author Al Rosen knows a thing or two about a decline in financial ethics.

In Avoiding Swindlers, Rosen explores scenarios involving the increase in financial tricksters—particularly in Canada—where flawed reporting principles have been adopted.

With 27 chapters, the book focuses on raising awareness of scams, Ponzi schemes, and other efforts designed to separate investors from their money. While primarily focused on Canada, these situations can happen in any country.

This guide provides a comprehensive manual geared toward the average investor. It’s a solid resource focusing on key elements an investor should research before making a financial commitment.

Avoiding Swindlers sheds light on ways investors can be separated needlessly from their money and highlights areas of caution.

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About The Author

L.S. (Al) Rosen has combined being a university professor (holding a PhD) with several qualifications in the fields of investigative accounting and reporting (such as acting as a fraud examiner) for over 35 years. He has authored many reports for court cases, and has testified in courts in various countries in many large-dollar cases. Often the allegations are that investors have been deceived by materially misleading financial reports. He has co-authored two previous books, and articles, with his son Mark. They address how and why multi-million dollars of investor money essentially, and often quickly, vanished. Real situations are the subject of these writings. Money was stolen and hardships resulted.


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Avoiding Swindlers sheds light on ways investors can be separated needlessly from their money and highlights areas of caution.4-STAR REVIEW: AVOIDING SWINDLERS by Al Rosen