Ms. Candas is a new author to me, and I'm excited to read more of her books. There was an excerpt of LUCK, LOVE AND A LIFELINE at the back of the book, which drew me in and left me wanting more. I have added this book to my TBR pile.


Imperfect Timing BannerThe Description

Publication Date: April 20, 2021

Time is ticking on this second chance at romance…

With a recent promotion and loads of confidence, Chloe Stevens has landed in sunny LA as a sales director for a leasing company. Quickly picking up on successful business strategies, Chloe also zeros in on a challenging romance option, Zane Shepard, an LA city planner. Chloe and Zane quickly discover an intriguing lust/love attraction, eventually transforming it into the perfect relationship.

After a year, Chloe is ready to take the next step, cohabitation, but instead, Zane blindsides her with the unexpected news of a breakup.

After months of sleepless nights doubting herself, Chloe decides their breakup stemmed from the issue of bad timing; she was ready to commit and he wasn’t. Armed with her theory of choosing future relationships based on matching timelines, Chloe packs up her damaged heart and moves home to Dallas.  She quickly lassos a new love interest, Trey Morgan; a boyfriend with good timing who’s ready to take the plunge.

Twenty years later, Chloe’s world unravels when she discovers her marriage to Trey is riddled with infidelity and lies. Taking on a new job, she’s forced to confront her past and rebuild the confidence she had in spades when she was younger. Unexpectedly, she has a chance to take a second stab at romance, but finds her good timing mantra severely tested.



The Review

IMPERFECT TIMING by Bobbie Candas was a quick read though sometimes it was confusing as the perspectives and timelines switched from past to present. Chloe is in for a lot of surprises due to the untimely death of her husband. Apparently, Chloe’s husband led another life when they were apart, and Chloe didn’t have a clue. Watching her come to terms with her grief and her financial and marital problems was eye-opening and a kick in the teeth on more than one occasion.

There were many twists and turns, both with Chloe’s relationship with Zane and all she had going on the present day. Chloe’s daughter seemed wise beyond her years, and Chloe tried to shelter her from the harsh truths as much as she could. Communication didn’t seem to be Chloe’s strong point even though she was in sales and could deal with all sorts of clients, faking it if she had to. There were family and friends, careers, secrets and truths, heartbreak, injuries, hurt, hidden assets, romance, loving, and love. Bobbie Candas did a fabulous job describing the homes, the businesses, the beach, clothing, and food that made me feel like I was there. Many stories were being told, and some were woven in better than others. Some had loose ends or details glossed over to focus on the bigger picture, but the details would have given more depth to the story. There was a potential for a happily ever after and some closure. 

Ms. Candas is a new author to me, and I’m excited to read more of her books. There was an excerpt of LUCK, LOVE AND A LIFELINE at the back of the book, which drew me in and left me wanting more. I have added this book to my TBR pile.

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About The Author

Bobbie CandasI’m a Texas girl: grew up in San Antonio, went to school at UT in Austin, and settled in Dallas where I raised a husband, two kids, and a few cats. My husband and cats will probably disagree on who raised who, but I’m a sucker for a robust discussion.

For years I’ve been involved in retail management, but have also really enjoyed writing, taking deep dives into the lives of my characters. When you can pry my fingers off the keyboard, I’ve been known to imbibe in a few glasses of wine and have been spotted forking into some decadent desserts while gathering with friends and family. I enjoy shopping, usually on the hunt for apparel with a weakness for shoes, and will frequently jump at the opportunity taking an unexpected trip to a far-away place.

In addition, there’s always time for reading. I keep a stack of novels ready and waiting on my nightstand, with a few tapping their toe in my Kindle as well. I bounce around genres, snoop around the best-seller lists, and on the ready for a good recommendation.


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JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss, nee Montalbano, was born and raised in NYC until moving to CT with her family when she was 16 and she's never left. Married for 41 years with one grown son, she works in an elementary school office where she's been since it opened in 2003. Prior to that, she was an accountant in several corporations before becoming a stay at home mom for 12 years. JoAnne enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with her family, and extended family as well as with friends. She enjoys cooking and rarely uses a recipe the way it was intended but instead uses them and cooking shows to give her new ideas and suggestions. JoAnne has a huge bucket list of places she'd like to visit but has been lucky enough to travel to England, Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and many states in the U.S. including Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Maine among others. Some of JoAnne's favorite genres include contemporary romance, chick-lit, romantic suspense, and historical romances including regency and those set in the west. JoAnne is on several author's street teams and enjoys interacting with many of them on Facebook as well as reading their newsletters. She has been lucky enough to meet some of her favorite authors among them Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts, Meg Tilly, Beatriz Williams, and Marie Bostwick. JoAnne took a road trip with her sister in the fall of 2019 and visited Nora Roberts' bookstore in Boonsboro, Maryland for an authors' signing. She hopes to do more of this in the future. JoAnne leaves reviews for all books she reads on Goodreads and her reviews can be found at JoAnne currently reviews for two sites - and Previously she reviewed for which has since closed. Payment is in the form of receiving free books to read and review. Her mantra is too many books and not enough time!


  1. Thanks to Novels Alive for hosting and to JoAnne Weiss for her thoughtful review of Imperfect Timing. I’m thrilled that she’s adding my novel, Luck, Love and a Lifeline to her TBR pile.

  2. Ms Candas is an excellent writer,I have enjoyed several of her novels, but this my favorite. The story is compelling and the characters believable.,
    I highly recommend it.


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Ms. Candas is a new author to me, and I'm excited to read more of her books. There was an excerpt of LUCK, LOVE AND A LIFELINE at the back of the book, which drew me in and left me wanting more. I have added this book to my TBR pile.4 STAR REVIEW: IMPERFECT TIMING by Bobbie Candas