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Why write?

Why do it? There’s SO many fiction writers. There are SO many stories. Good ones. Bad ones. Astounding mysteries. Fantastic thrillers and heartbreaking love stories or magnificent mind-bending science fiction. The churn of new and existing talent out there is seriously overwhelming. We’re constantly exposed to new novels and new writers or acclaimed, award-winning experts that people (rightfully) praise and tell you you must read, you must!

So why do we do it to ourselves?

Well, because we’re probably a little crazy, but that’s okay. That’s actually normal.

More than that though, there’s probably a part, a voice perhaps, reminding us that there may be millions of acclaimed authors and endless stories in the world, but there’s only one of us.

There will only ever be one of me.

We are original in some way. And that compulsion to express it is not at all crazy.

But it’s often very hard. Mining for originality and pouring it onto the page does not come easy. But it is essential. When our aspiration is more than duplicating what we’ve read or seen or heard. It’s what separates our originality from the inevitable drip of subconscious story recycling.

What is your version of a vampire yarn?

How do you experience loving someone? Or imagine murdering someone?

Some people refer to it, as finding your voice. Like the core DNA of our creativity, unique and specific only to us. Perhaps maybe, that’s the art of it, right?

Well, that might be part of the equation. But there’s another part which is far less inspiring.

The other part is craft.

For some lucky souls it comes easy. Like an athlete who can seem to slow time and focus with precision in the exact required millisecond. The words might just flow and it’s fun and effortless and voila! Off to press.

But for many, finding the right words takes time and effort, the most valuable of commodities. It takes coming back to old drafts. To battling through blocks. To carve deeper inside, exposing our private DNA-voice for others to question and challenge or even reject. But we do it. We pound the page. And sometimes we fail and it’s terrible and we tell ourselves this has all been one big tragic waste of time. But if we surround ourselves with allies, and positivity, or with acceptance that the battle is PART of the craft or art of whatever you want to call it, then, we can push forward. We can accept the blocks and work through them. Because those same athletes must train and train, and they still miss the shot sometimes. T

The ones who succeed persevere. As we, writers, must persevere. Because our individuality IS interesting and our voices ARE unique. In fact, our imagination is even valuable. It has worth. It might yield extreme wealth. Other times it might sit dormant on a hard drive or a piece of paper in the darkness of a drawer. But there is worth in our expression. To entertain. To inspire. To heal. To nudge the world a little with our perspective.

That’s why.

That’s why we write.

About The Book

Publication Date: May 2, 2022

“She wasn’t pretty but she was ours…”

Sandwiched between seedy businesses in the scorching east LA suburb of Glendale, The Damned Lovely dive bar is as scarred as its regulars: ex-cops, misfits and loners. And for Sam Goss, it’s a refuge from the promising life he’s walked away from, a place to write and a hole to hide in.

But when a beautiful and mysterious new patron to the bar turns up murdered, Sam can’t stop himself from getting involved. Despite their fleeting interaction, or perhaps because of it, something about her ghost won’t let go…

Armed with the playbook from the burned-out ex-cops, Sam challenges the police’s theory on the killing, butting heads with hardened detectives and asking questions nobody wants to answer. As his obsession takes hold so does his sense of purpose—as if uncovering the truth about the killer might heal some part of his own broken life. But the chase sets him on a collision course with a crooked charity, violent fundamentalists, corrupt cops, brazen embezzlers and someone dangerously close to home—all who want to make sure the truth never comes out.



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About The AuthorADAM FROST was born and raised in Vancouver. He began as an actor, and now works as a television writer and producer, best known for the crime shows Tribal and Castle. He lives on the east side of Los Angeles. He’s also one helluva T-ball coach.


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Dayna Linton
Dayna Linton
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