As the first installment of a trilogy, East Clifton Avenue delivers a solid introduction to the Buonofortes. The cliffhanger at the end encourages readers to come back for more.


The Description

A Family Trilogy: Book 1
Publication Date: October 19, 2020

I am introducing you to the Buonofortes: A family similar to my mother’s family and the millions of other families who immigrated to this great country at the beginning of the last century. The Italian immigrants took their place among the other immigrants who came before them and who were already acclimated and settled in their new country. Similar to all the new immigrants, regardless of nationality, they all shared the same passion: to make a better life for themselves, their children, and generations to come. This is a fictional/non-fictional account of the Buonforte family. A family that came from Sicily, Italy in the early 1900’s to make a better life for the children and finally settle on East Clifton Avenue, New Jersey. Non fictional events are inter-weaved with fictional events and people. The Buonoforte family lived in Clifton, New Jersey, a town similar to thousands of small towns in the northeastern part of the United States. Within the story of the Buonoforte family, the sacrifices, potential rewards, and heartbreak of unconditional love are the main message: Rethink behaviors as to not repeat the same mistakes that eventually destroy families. A message that I hope millions of other families may be able to relate to, understand, and be moved by. You will see within the Buonoforte family that there are those who are emotional and affectionate, and those who may be emotional and not affectionate. Although brothers and sisters may share the same genetics, it is a puzzle why if brought up by the same parents they can be so different. It creates much confusion and potential hurt. Perhaps if that is understood, we can let go of old vendettas and hurt feelings, reconnect, and grow.

ExcerptPDF-imgThe Review

In an effort to capture family memories for future generations, author Frank Plateroti tells the story of the Buonofortes, a fictional family led by Sicilian immigrants, allowing him to intersperse actual events.

East Clifton Avenue serves as the backdrop for the large family residing in New Jersey. Through the many ups and downs, readers get a sense of the different personalities within the family.

The author points out in the introduction that it’s interesting to see how children with the same genetics can be so different. As adults, that leads to strains within the family and threatens to isolate segments of the family tree.

Within the storyline, those challenges play out as the adult children debate putting their mother in a nursing home. With plenty of background detail, the author brings the family to life.

Because the story is so compelling, I did my best to ignore some rather glaring errors screaming for a good round of editing, along with some basic grammatical polishing. There seemed to be a discrepancy in the number of Anna’s children, and the names of the nurse and receptionist were wonky, just to name a few of the content errors.

As the first installment of a trilogy, East Clifton Avenue delivers a solid introduction to the Buonofortes. The cliffhanger at the end encourages readers to come back for more.Buy Links

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About The AuthorEarned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English. Earned a master’s degree in Communication and Television Production. Television producer, director, and writer from 1980 until 1997. Worked in the United States and internationally. A real estate and business investor. Adjunct communications Professor since 1998 to present. Earned a doctorate degree in Education with a concentration in psychology.


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As the first installment of a trilogy, East Clifton Avenue delivers a solid introduction to the Buonofortes. The cliffhanger at the end encourages readers to come back for more.4-STAR REVIEW: EAST CLIFTON AVENUE by Frank Plateroti EdD