GUEST BLOG: You Show Me Stars by Jennifer St. Giles

Over Valentine’s Day one song kept bubbling in my mind. It seemed to say so much about what sharing love with others does. You Show Me Stars is a song by Chris Mann. It is beautiful and inspiring and so worth searching out. I encourage everyone reading to listen to it. But the reason I’m sharing it with you is because the words of the song remind me of why I write and read about love. Here are some of the words:

Last Night Is Coming On

Last Breath Before It’s Gone

And All My Angels Have Flown

When Shadows Start To Form

When I Have Lost It All

I Call Your Name

I Call Your Name

And You Come To Me With Open Arms Of Life

You Save Me Almost Every Single Night Just In Time

You Show Me Stars In All Of My Dark Hours

You Show Me Stars In All Of My Dark Hours

You Show Me Stars (you Show Me Stars)

In My Dark Hours

And Through The Hardest Parts

The Beauty And The Dark

You Hold The Sun In Your Hands

When I Am Burning Out

Your Halos All Around

Bringing Me Back

Back To Life

Tactical Deception
Published: February 5, 2013

Love shows us stars in all our dark hours. It reaches into the heart and no matter what the trouble or how deep the despair love reaches in and breathes life into our lives. Whenever I read a romance, I walk away with hope singing in my heart. And when I write a romance, I know that no matter how hurt or broken my hero or heroine are love will show them stars in their dark hours.

Collateral Damage
Published: November 1, 2011

In February the second book in my Silent Warrior Series, TACTICAL DECEPTION by J.L. Saint, will be released in print. In this series, I think my hero and heroines have to deal with some serious real life issues that are happening in the world today from terrorism, to self-protection issues, to extremism no matter what your religious belief, to soldiers struggling to deal with living life after a failed mission and PTSD. The story began in book one, COLLATERAL DAMAGE, and continues on in TACTICAL DECEPTION. Each of the men and women deal with issues differently, but it is love that shows them stars in their dark hours.

So, today, as we struggle upon life’s path, maybe we can remind ourselves to take heart from those who love us and to reach out in love to others.



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Dayna Linton
Dayna Linton
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