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GUEST BLOG: Of Time-Travel, Jacobites and Ungrateful Protagonists by Anna Belfrage Plus Giveaway!

Some people want to see the Chinese wall. Others dream about travelling to Mars. Some are pretty happy where they are and mostly dream about winning the lottery or waking up with...

GUEST BLOG: Five Tips for Working With Beta Readers by Michael James Plus Giveaway!

A "Beta Reader", as they're known, are the unlucky people who get to read your unpublished, half-baked, amateur novel and provide gentle, critical, actionable feedback that makes it perfect. Poor them! I've had a...

GUEST BLOG: Freaky and Fun on the Ball Research By Joanna Campbell Slan Plus Giveaway!

They call Florida “The Golf Capital of the World” with good reason. The state boasts more golf courses per capita than any other, a whopping 1250. One county alone, Palm Beach, has...

GUEST BLOG: How Writing a Cookbook Led Me to Writing a Mystery Plus Amber Royer

I fell in love with cookbooks at a young age. The first one I can remember owning was Strawberry Shortcake’s Cooking Fun. I must have been five or six at the time,...

GUEST BLOG: Writing Fish-Out-Of-Water Protagonists by Olivia Matthews

I love fish-out-of-water protagonists. They invite readers to view an environment with a fresh perspective. They inspire other characters to question the status quo. Most importantly, they introduce and acclimate readers into...


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