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Category: Holiday Memories

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Christmas Pageants in our Living Room by Anna DeForest

Some of my favorite memories of the holiday season stem from my family staging our own Christmas pageant in our living room. My older daughter Sarah desperately wanted to be Mary or...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Christmas Eve―2020 by David Fitz-Gerald

It is an enchanting day for those who celebrate Christmas, full of tradition, hope, and optimism. The sense of anticipation on the day before Christmas is like planning a vacation, which can...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Christmas Customs in Late Eighteenth-Century UK by Lucinda Elliot

When writing That Scoundrel Émile Dubois, I did some research on Christmas customs in the late eighteenth-century UK. In that novel, the main action starts with the arrival of Émile on Christmas Eve 1794...


The nest was empty: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The registrar’s offices had the tuition checks signed by the farmer father, for this tale chauffeur, and the...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Christmas Memories by Elizabeth Rose

Christmas is a time for memories, and sharing those memories with the people we love. Growing up, I remember the St. Nick stockings hanging on the china cabinet and how exciting it...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: The Only One in the Class by Triss Stein

Christmas songs are everywhere, even in this strange holiday season, and they still provoke nostalgia, don’t they? It got me thinking about celebrating Christmas when I was in elementary school. Yes, in...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: There’s No Place Like New England For the Holidays by Paula Munier

Full disclosure: I am not a native New Englander. Technically I am from away. But I love New England with a ferocity that surprises me and amuses my family, who are scattered from...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Snow Miser and Me: Cherished Holiday Memories of TV Land by Mariah Fredericks

1970s New York. Muggings! Arson! Times Square peep shows! 70s New York is not a time often associated with happy holiday memories. And while it’s true that the building next to ours...

Holiday Memories: Vignettes and Vinaigrettes by Carol G. Durst-Wertheim

In the quarantined isolation of 2020 holidays, I think back to the 1980s, the weeks from the middle of November until early January, when I was catering in New York City, based...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Five Things That Went Wrong (Or At Least Awry) At My Christmas Wedding by Robin Wells

Is it just me, or have you noticed it, too? Lately the click-bait headlines want to point out a specific number of ways I’m doing something wrong. They have titles like “Five...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Christmas Mixes (And We’re Not Talking Nuts) by Jess Montgomery

Fifteen years or so ago, my dear husband started pursuing Christmas music. Year round. When we vowed “for better or for worse,” I didn’t realize that would include Christmas music… in July. And...

HOLIDAY MEMORIES: Beth’s Christmas Ornaments by Cheryl Holt

My best friend in my life was a woman named Beth. I met her during my first week of college when we were eighteen. We grew up in uber-rural America, in cattle...


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