Category: Non-Fiction

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INTERVIEW: Winning Truths From Wendy Schenck Benson

In the book THE BOSS OF MYSELF, Wendy Schenck Benson, the founder and president of the successful Koala Tees., shares some of the truths and techniques that have blessed her life. This...

INTERVIEW: My Body’s Just for Me by Eva and Yoshi Shiraki and Illustrated by Yanilda Shiraki

Taking on a special ministry, the authors of MY BODY'S JUST FOR ME have written a children’s book to teach small children about respect in regards to their bodies.  This book is...

INTERVIEW: Just What the Chef Ordered – Chef Shawn Bucher and the First-Timer’s Cookbook

A good foundation is the key to great things and the secret to success. The First-Timer’s Cook Book by Shawn Bucher delivers just that to anyone and everyone who wants to learn...

INTERVIEW: Nancy Miles In Good Taste

Dish up some fabulous food and create your own family cookbook heirloom.  Nancy Miles, the ingenious author of IN GOOD TASTE and the Now You’re Cook’n cookbooks, brings you the opportunity to...


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